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A new pre-release already! Awesome guys, thank you a lot, there is nice things on it !

I just played with
  • BR_GetNextGridDivision
  • BR_GetPrevGridDivision

They works nicely in Arrange view, but it doesn't take into account the Grid settings in the MIDI Editor. Changing Midi Editor grid size doesn't change the resulting value of this functions. Thinking about it, it is logical: it has no way to know if it is executed from MIDI editor or arrange view.
So, a MIDI Editor version of all these BR_grid would be perfect !

tested (in Lua) this combo
  • BR_GetArrangeView
  • BR_SetArrangeView
Works flawlessly !!! Thank you for that, it will be integrated in all my scripts which need view restoration!

Thank you again for all your work on it, it is very useful !
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