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Originally Posted by Retro Audio Enthusiast View Post
Fantastic theme! I absolutely love this. Great work!
Yes, this is a fantastic looking theme! Kudos to cubic13!

How do we calibrate the mixer faders and meters for the -72/+6 dB range? Obviously, I'm at default and it's showing -6 on the faders at 0db. Thanks.

Yes, I noticed that too. My Master fader is set to the -6db line even though the actual level is 0db. A bit confusing.....would like to have both fader and actual volume level match @ 0db. I thought there was maybe a setting I had changed, but I checked the REAPER default 5 theme and it shows 0db on the master fader. Switch back to the RE[a]DD theme and the fader shows -6db again.


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