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Originally Posted by cubic13 View Post
Well, honestly, I don't know how to answer to this and, as cincikat rightly said, it's firstly a hardware emulation with its own character. Maybe it's a monitor setting issue ; I have checked mine again and there is nothing special, really : Brightness -> 50/100, sharpness -> 62/100 and 'Group view' as value for the Samsung 'Magic angle' setting.

Originally, the scale on the faders didn't have the lightning gradient. I added it as I wanted it to follow the background one which I only marginally changed.

Maybe I could dim all this, but I honestly think that it would more or less alter the character of the theme. There are few pictures of REDD mixers available on the net which clearly show how much the volume/fader block was curved, from which the lightning : it's really an aspect which makes the REDD series special, so, I wouldn't like to change it, to be honest...
It's your theme, your vision. Just giving my own feedback on it.

Note the glasses

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