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Tip 1. How to speed up adding effects with SWS console commands (my personal method):
To add an effect to all selected tracks you open the console and type "x" and the first letter of the plugin you want to add in a single word.

To speed this up even more add a two letter word and a number to your favorite plugins. Keep the letters small as ReaConsole see small and large letters as different characters. So ReaEQ becomes: "eq1 - ReaEQ" and solid EQ becomes: "eq2 - Solid EQ" and so on. You can do the same with comps, reverbs, delays or whatever.

I also changed to console shortcut to be "x" instead of "c". So I just have to type xxeq1 and hit enter to add an fx.

Tip 2. Use a midi controller for keyboard shortcuts:
We only have so many keys on our computer keyboards, so I plan on getting a Novation Launchpad mini and use it as a dedicated shortcut board. I'll probably label a few rows to be adding effect or maybe just dedicate the whole board to adding plugins and chains quickly.
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