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Default Panorama T4 Nektarine plugin issues

I'm wondering if anyone else has a Nektar Panorama T4 or T6 and if they are having problems with Nektar Nektarine plugin? I am using the Panorama T4.

I have a few issues including:

a) Reaper only sees the 64bit Nektarine plugin or the 32bit, not both.

b) Reaper crashes when using Nektarine. I've seen this mainly on a Win7 PC but also on a Win10, tho' it crashes less consistently on Win10. Support seem to think it is a problem with my PC.

c) Some VSTs don't work well with Nektarine e.g. Nektarine patch manager does not change the patch/sound, or sometimes Reaper will crash when using those VSTs. Seems to be a problem with OxeFM, Phonec_CM (tho' not the full version according to support), Keyzone Classic

d) Scrolling tho' patches on the T4 keyboard: sometimes it will skip some patches and get itself out of sync.

I have been in touch with Nektar support for some time....but it's taking time...


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