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Default REAPER doesn't refresh `~/.config/REAPER/reaper-vstplugins64.ini` for some plugins

I found a strange behavior related to VST3. REAPER doesn't refresh `~/.config/REAPER/reaper-vstplugins64.ini` for some plugins. I think this is not related to my previous post.

Plugins used for test:

- Xubuntu 18.0.4
- REAPER v5.983 (linux_x86_64)
- VST3 SDK version is `vstsdk3613_08_04_2019_build_81`

I did:
Setup a new Xubuntu 18.0.4 virtual machine on gnome-boxes.
Run `sudo apt upgrade`.
Download and unpack VST3 plugins linked above and place them into `~/.vst3`.
Download `reaper5983_linux_x86_64.tar.xz` and unpack it.
Run `reaper_linux_x86_64/REAPER/reaper`.

Then I realized that I forgot to install some packages required for VST3. Of course, REAPER didn't list the plugins that requires the additional packages.

Then I did:
Run `sudo apt libxkbcommon-x11-0 libxcb-cursor0`.
Restart `reaper_linux_x86_64/REAPER/reaper`.
Open "Add FX to Master Track", then Select "Scan for new plugins" in FX menu.

At this point, REAPER still didn't recognize VST3 plugins that was previously not listed on the plugin list. I thought this is a bit strange.

So I did:
Delete `~/.config/REAPER/reaper-vstplugins64.ini`.
Restart `reaper_linux_x86_64/REAPER/reaper`.

Then REAPER recreated `~/.config/REAPER/reaper-vstplugins64.ini` and listed all the plugins without missing one.

What I expected was that when I installed required packages and selected "Scan for new plugins" in FX menu, plugin list was refreshed. But it wasn't.
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