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Originally Posted by drewofdoom View Post
...I'm going to keep poking it and see if I can uncover anything. I do believe this will be a major breaking bug soon, as Ubuntu and Fedora will both be releasing new stable builds soon, with Gnome 3.34 as the default DE on each...
Tested a couple of different things.

1) Built locally w/ GTK support. No improvement.
2) Loaded a new project and set it up manually without the use of any previously-created templates or FX chains. Still crashes.
3) Brand new profile, didn't pull in any settings. Added VST paths, loaded up a recent session, and tested. I/O panel no longer crashing, but saving presets on a VST still crashes.

So there is a possibility that some VST or settings or something are conflicting somewhere, but the fact that a fresh profile still crashes while trying to save preset settings is somewhat concerning.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?
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