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You get to a point in the project where you have the project-wide stuff knocked out. Now you find yourself wanting to do unique things to individual songs - and where those individual things might change from song to song and prompt you to have to lock in previous work with automation and such. And that becomes a PITA!

That's when you start saving as individual songs so you can just grab things and not worry about settings for other songs.

You don't need to fuss around removing any of the other songs from the project when you do a 'save as'. Just ignore them and work on the song in question. We're looking to save work here... not create more!

Also, by leaving the timeline alone you give yourself the opportunity to cut/paste from other saves of the project if anything comes up.

Often with live show recordings, the project stays the whole show for convenience because you aren't doing radically unique things per song. There are always exceptions though.
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