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Default How to enable ASIO driver in reaper? (Latency issue)

For some reason the current default driver in the program is WaveOut, but this seems to product latency no matter what I do. The problem though is that when I enable ASIO driver there is no sound output. Can someone please explain in a simple yet detailed way, how I go about properly enabling this driver or to see if it is even properly installed on my system? I am on windows vista and the audio interface is Tascam us-122.

By the way I just wanted to add that the reason I am requesting for this to be kept simple is that I am coming off of garage band on osx, which was extremely easy to use. Unfortunately my imac broke down and I now have no option but to try audio programs for windows vista. Please understand I am a musician and garage band made things very easy for me production-wise. This program seems like it might have a pretty big learning curve compared to Garage band, but with that said I want to tackle one issue at a time.

Thank you in advance for patience and responses.
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