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Lightbulb moment.

You DO have some means of actually hearing the ASIO output connected to the outputs of your interface, dont you?

I had one of the original 122s and never did get on with it, but I am pretty sure you can't use ASIO for input and then pipe the output to your soundcard for actual audio output, which of course would mean that you would never hear the audio, whereas using the wave out means you are using the internal sound card.
So.... unless you already have an amp and speakers hooked up to the outs of your Tascam interface and it still is'nt working, that should take care of your problem.

Regarding the buffer setting, if 256 is the smallest you an set, use that. No idea what sort of round trip latency you will get but it HAS to be better than using waveout.

Oh and if you are actually seeing Tascam ASIO as an option in the audio/device/asio config window you have the drivers installed correctly.
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