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Originally Posted by Art Evans
Re "ReaperKeys" - see for details. But it won't help with this particular request. However, I do still intend to publish the source code (rather grand name for it...) for how I've done the key reassignments (using AutoHotKey) but I'm under pressure to do other (less interesting) things first - hope to get to it within a week.

Meanwhile, AutoHotKey is pretty easy to use anyway.
i guess its back to a feature request again lol!! here's a little something for justin to think about: n-track uses the left/right arrow keys to scroll through tracks! if old n-track has that feature the new reaper definitely should. in my case i use many tracks to organize my material so scrolling through is a lot better than window scrolling to a particular track to click on it. i think that mess they call sonar has it too...

thanks for the link and your efforts art. i'm trying out reaperkeys now and i like it! publish away!

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