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Originally Posted by doclike

I had some improvements for the next Version:

1. Lock items in time

2. coloured clips

3. right-klick hold to move clips

4. Left-klick hold + strg to drag a frame for selecting items

5. Select all items/clips in Folder. Perhaps right klick on folder.

6. Mix down to track (selected items) or Bounce track items to new clip/take. (f.e. Combining 4 items to 1 item)

7. I like the up/down Scrollbar on the left side. So you're quicker to change f.e. FX settings and scroll down to the next track.

8. Mute (grouped) clips. Should be directly in the right-klick menu, not in a sub menu

Great Work so far. Reaper kicks ass.


i'm for everything except #3 & #4. individual clip movement is fine as it is now.

left-side scrollbar is a good idea!

there's only one idea better: up/down arrow keys highight and select current track! its the only thing i see missing in reaper!!

as for a metronome, it would be ok. in my case i never use them so its only beneficial to me if i'm working with someone else that thinks that way. i always lay down a real drum or percussion track - thats my metronome lol!

i look at the timeline very much like x-y graph paper and the arrow keys are the natural way to navigate that grid. we have the left/right arrow keys for moving the cursor (x axis) and now we just need the up/down arrow keys for selecting the track (y axis).

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