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Default scroll wheel: still dangerous because of faders....


I have a mouse with a wheel, and I am so used to it that in Reaper I am very tempted to roll the wheel to scroll down the tracks. But there is only a tiny zone where you can safely roll the wheel: if while rolling the mouse pointer lands on a fader, then the scroll action will change, and it will move your fader !

So I try to avoid the wheel because it is a very frustrating experience, you have to be very careful to where you position your mouse before beginning the scrolling...

My wish would be that before changing a fader, you have to click on it first to activate it (which is quite a standard behavior).

Many mouse / keyboard behaviors in Reaper are not standard, this is a bit frustrating I must say, even if I am sure there is a good reason (the "alt + right click drag" to select events, instead of simply... "click and drag" for example...)

Originally Posted by pipelineaudio
do you have a mouse with a wheel on it?
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