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Originally Posted by olzzon
As iīm using the scrollwheel for zooming the up/down arrow would be okay to change to change track. But itīs not that important for me, and iīm not sure if itīs for any use, the way reaper works. I can see it in cubase and saw, where you have a per track window that follows the active track, but the way reaper is build, i canīt see the advance of having it there, but it might be there just havenīt seen it. :-)

Concerning the scrollwheel, yes itīs anoying when you scroll and end up changing a fader, but i would much prefer that the area left of the fader(or below in mixer view) is the only area used for scrolling.
And that the mouse over fader adjust stays as it is now. This is something iīve dreamt about for years.

You can also allways scroll in the main window using, ctrl-alt-wheel if thatīs easier.
Now that you reminded, yes, we need a per track window, or track inspector too! Right now I just keep the mixer window open my second monitor so I can scroll through all the tracks to get to the one I want. I use a lot of tracks so this is extremely useful for me.

But now that you bring that up (track inspector) it would be ideal to have one - especially an expanded window strip that would have an actual list of vst-s and dxi-s in use as well as keeping the other important parameters clearly visible. This is one of the features I actually like in SAW and Sonar.

If we had a track inspector and the arrow keys for scrolling through tracks I'd keep the mixer window closed unless it was really needed.

Thats a very good point! You sort of completed my feature request list!

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