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Originally Posted by chanapar
Now that you reminded, yes, we need a per track window, or track inspector too! Right now I just keep the mixer window open my second monitor so I can scroll through all the tracks to get to the one I want. I use a lot of tracks so this is extremely useful for me.

But now that you bring that up (track inspector) it would be ideal to have one - especially an expanded window strip that would have an actual list of vst-s and dxi-s in use as well as keeping the other important parameters clearly visible. This is one of the features I actually like in SAW and Sonar.

If we had a track inspector and the arrow keys for scrolling through tracks I'd keep the mixer window closed unless it was really needed.

Thats a very good point! You sort of completed my feature request list!


Somehow itīs allready there, if we rightclick at thefader, the "controls for track #" comes up, and the Fx window we have too.

Then it just should be made so that the "controls for track #" and the Fx windows could stay open and follow the selected track.
Either as a docked window or floating.
They could be placed on the second monitor for those who liked it.
Iīm not sure i would use it that much though. I actually like the way reaper handles it. :-)
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