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Originally Posted by olzzon
Somehow its allready there, if we rightclick at thefader, the "controls for track #" comes up, and the Fx window we have too.

Then it just should be made so that the "controls for track #" and the Fx windows could stay open and follow the selected track.
Either as a docked window or floating.
They could be placed on the second monitor for those who liked it.
Im not sure i would use it that much though. I actually like the way reaper handles it. :-)
Interesting! I never even knew the track control window existed - maybe because its access is counter-intuitive.

I'd much rather see this replaced with a floating/dockable track inspector that contains an actual visible list of FX on that track (along with other essential parameters). This way we could quickly scroll through many tracks and know exactly what the status of each is without having to right click on that narrow strip of screen real estate.

I think this is why a number of other programs have such a window. Its especially useful to me since I work with a high track count but I think it would streamline workflow for most people - no need to right click in a very specific spot on each track - just arrow key over to the track in question to make changes and then on the next with no mouse clicking at all.

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