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Originally Posted by maa
No don't - please! "track inspector" sounds very famliliar but its a rediculous work around for not putting things in the TCP in the first place

What you see in the TCP (Track Controll Pannel) is a matter of
zoom level but leaving things off the GUI and inventing another GUI to compensate is like putting your car on a trailer and getting someone to pull it for you.

We STILL need this:

Cool! You just re-invented the track inspector in the TCP lol! Now if we can just make it dockable/floatable and select the tracks with the arrow keys we're there

So we agree in principle but differ a little in implementation. For a large track count a floating/dockable window makes the most sense but its still good for any number of tracks. If all of us only dealt with a few tracks I'd say putting it all in the TCP is fine, but we don't, so go with the window (inspector, channel strip, whatever lol).


ps - nice graphic
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