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The track inspecter is a one track mixer

The mixer needs to display this stuff anyway. It can squash down to one track + master already which follows the activated track = Very good!

So with routing and plugins showing in the Mixer and the TCP what the f**** is an "inspecter" sposed to do ? Show the stuff that got left out ? Replace Mixer and TCP?
Having a little more control over the zoom level of the track view would solve most of this issue (as long as the FX / Routing finally makes it there) and for those that neeed everything visible in the Mixer - well they wont want a floating "inspector" either.

What we all want is visibility and overview.

And yes - I do multitrack recording / mixing.
A one track inspector is not going to have that much use for me - I want to see as many tracks as possible and its up to me and the zoom level I use / set on indiviual tracks as to what I can see in the TCP.
"Channel Max" might be zoom or button option.

I do hope this gets sorted soon - it keeps comming up.


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