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Originally Posted by maa

So with routing and plugins showing in the Mixer and the TCP what the f**** is an "inspecter" sposed to do ? Show the stuff that got left out ? Replace Mixer and TCP?
Having a little more control over the zoom level of the track view would solve most of this issue (as long as the FX / Routing finally makes it there) and for those that neeed everything visible in the Mixer - well they wont want a floating "inspector" either.

What we all want is visibility and overview.

And yes - I do multitrack recording / mixing.
A one track inspector is not going to have that much use for me - I want to see as many tracks as possible and its up to
Temper temper lol!

A track inspector is another way to view a project. Its that simple. The mixer and TCP is primarily for setting levels and panning - mixing!

A track inspector is for looking in greater detail at each track. Trying to cram all that information into a standard mixer is unrealistic, and why Sonar's TCP and mixer are too busy and irritating.

So now you know maa! A mixer window is for mixing and a track inspector is for inspecting a track.

Art, I see no reason why we couldn't have a track inspector and at the same time have more info available in the mixer or TCP by right-clicking as you are suggesting (FX list).

The bottom line is any DAW software worth using has a number of ways to view a project - not just one. If we are to argue that then whats the point in having a TCP? We have a mixer already lol! Why duplicate it with a mixer spread over all the tracks? The reason is obvious: its another useful way to view a project, just like a track inspector is.

Since Reaper already allows us to minimize the TCP, I'd like to be able to minimize it completely to have the tracks extend from one side of the screen to the other and work just with the mixer window and/or a (future) track inspector. To me thats the most efficient use of screen real estate.


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