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Today I was recording a West African drum troupe and I miked each of the 12 drummers. I also used a pair of inexpensive omni measurement mics to capture the "air" during the performance. Of course there was a lot of bleed but thats ok in this kind of setting.

Later I thought I'd try to get used to Reaper's "control" dialog box - accesible by a right click on that thong bikini-wide strip between the fader and track name.

Man does that suck lol! Now I'm double sure that this arrangement is the clumsiest I've seen yet in DAW software. Up till now I'd been humming along not using this and now that I tried it I've generated some criticims of an otherwise ideal program (sorry ).

Of course we don't have to use this "control" dialog box which is one of the great things about Reaper. However, now that I know about it, I think Reaper would be far better off with a track inspector for those of us that hate to pinpoint a thin strip and right click on it!

It would just be a harmless and optional channel-strip-like box that could be docked or floating. I don't see how anyone could possibly object to this because they wouldn't have to use it - just like the "control" dialog box.

With 16 tracks in the mix I described above right-clicking on that narrow strip was a major pain in the butt lol! Before I did everything by the clip and I immediately went back to that.

However for people like me, the best solution is the channel strip "track inspector." Combine that with the up/down arrow keys for selecting tracks and all the bases are covered for a segment of present and potential Reaper users.

Definitely a win-win situation for all!

Whatta ya say, Justin?


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