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Originally Posted by chanapar
If it (the control panel/right click/thin strip) works for you thats good. I'm sure it works for others and I'm not suggesting it be removed since its use is already optional.

About the 02R, good DAW softwares, especially Reaper, are why I never considered (nor will be) using a digital mixer. Reaper suits me particularly well because of the way it handles audio.

As Reaper stands now, I think it needs very few improvements (except possibly in midi editing). I started this thread as a feature request because to me a simple floating/dockable channel strip/track inspector would save time and effort working with the program - not that isn't good already.
Iīm not using a digital mixer either, but iīve worked on many different setups in different places, and that why iīve worked on a 02R.
I just wanted to bring in another solution, that has something very efficient to it.
I mean, here we have a chance to bring the DAW a little further, so thatīs why i tried to express my thoughts.
And yes a channelstrip has itīs places, and if you read some of the older posts, there has been alot about it, also to include adjustments of you favorite plugins in it.
I think there will come some great improvements here.

And when i say it works, i just means that itīs okay as is (lots of right clicking), but could easily be improved, either by a channelstrip or as in Protools and other with more control on the Trackpanel.

But as i say. If some other great ideas comes up, iīm really open to it. Somehow a thing isnīt the best, just because every one uses it.

And there are so many other corners that need to be fixed too.
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