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Originally Posted by olzzon
Iīm not using a digital mixer either, but iīve worked on many different setups in different places, and that why iīve worked on a 02R.
I just wanted to bring in another solution, that has something very efficient to it.
I mean, here we have a chance to bring the DAW a little further, so thatīs why i tried to express my thoughts.
And yes a channelstrip has itīs places, and if you read some of the older posts, there has been alot about it, also to include adjustments of you favorite plugins in it.
I think there will come some great improvements here.

And when i say it works, i just means that itīs okay as is (lots of right clicking), but could easily be improved, either by a channelstrip or as in Protools and other with more control on the Trackpanel.

But as i say. If some other great ideas comes up, iīm really open to it. Somehow a thing isnīt the best, just because every one uses it.

And there are so many other corners that need to be fixed too.

If there's a less tedious, more natural way to handle everday tasks then I'm all for it. In this case it can be handled many ways. I think, however, there are some obvious constraints and keeping clutter to a minimum while maximizing space for tracks is a prime example. I don't think we'll be seeing any truly great ideas arising out of DAW GUI design. Even programs like Traction illustrate that the constraints impose limits on what can be done and allow for results that are little more than variations on the same theme.

I'm not trying to flatter Justin, but so far I think his approach is successful in general. Offering at least several options without imposing any one of them on us has been his ticket to success for Reaper. That and keeping the work space as open as possible appear to be the guiding principles that make Reaper what its become.

My suggestions come pretty much from the same place as yours - lots of experience in lots of different circumstances testing lots of different possibilities. In my opinion the channel strip/track inspector would round off the one and only corner that feels rough to me after many weeks of using Repear. No doubt others will have differing opinions and concerns, though I'm sure there are more than several that would agree with me.

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