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Originally Posted by Art Evans
Eh? Do you mean the control dialog you get when you right click on the fader in the track control panel or the mixer? I don't get this "thin strip" thing.
Ok lol! I wasn't aware of that, so the "thin strip" thing is wider than what I thought it was lol! Instead of a thong bikini its more like the classic bikini.

Its still a pretty narrow area to click on and all that pointing and clicking really got to me. I was better off not knowing about it. Thats why I thought it was so obvious to request a channel strip/track inspector - along with arrow keys for scrolling through the track list.

Maybe that idea isn't popular here but it would most surely work for me and at least a few others I assume. Like I mentioned in the previous post, its highly unlikely we'll see any innovation in this area of DAW GUI design, so a floating channel strip seems like a practical, if utilitarian way to keep the track information easily accessible.

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