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As we have two hands, i think it could be possible with some sort of shortcuts, to changing the view. Hereīs what i did in SAW before i had the full version:

In SawStudio Lite, the channelstrip is Huge so you have to scroll alot. I made some shortcuts with "", so that win+1 was first part of the ch.strip win+2 the aux, win+3 the comp, win+4 was the Eq etc. This was actually faster than the Full channelstrip view i later got in Saw full, because i had everything on one screen, instead of having to change view all the time. Which also was the problem in Nuendo, that if you donīt have two screens, youīll like end up opening and closing the channelwindow all the time. And in nuendo you donīt have the ESC key as far as i remember.

If we had different views (with shortcuts) for the track control panel or on a channelstrip, it would be possible to have fast acces to everything on the track, without having a huge channelstrip.

If you look at reapers routing possibilities, itīs possible to have alot of sends on every channel, and this can make a channelstrip, enormous.

Oh and yeah, your right that if there will come a channel strip we will need a shortcut for changing tracks. Which was the start of the thread.

What i mean is just that iīll be working a little more, before i settle on my oppinion on this.
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