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Originally Posted by olzzon
If we had different views (with shortcuts) for the track control panel or on a channelstrip, it would be possible to have fast acces to everything on the track, without having a huge channelstrip.

If you look at reapers routing possibilities, itīs possible to have alot of sends on every channel, and this can make a channelstrip, enormous.

Oh and yeah, your right that if there will come a channel strip we will need a shortcut for changing tracks. Which was the start of the thread.

What i mean is just that iīll be working a little more, before i settle on my oppinion on this.
I like your idea and agree that if employed a channel strip could potentially become large enough to require some form of navigation to access all of it, though I think the amount of routing required to reach that point would be extreme and uncommon. It would seem obvious that the channel strip generate a scroll bar at some point like the mixer.

My opinion on this issue is pretty much settled because I've given it a lot of thought while using the program and abstractly. There aren't many options and the channel strip option fits very nicely with the overall Reaper concept. I dig it!

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