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Originally Posted by zookthespook View Post
Hi ,
so i made the custom action and it works well, however , i was hoping that there are two things i am missing in this action.

1.Setting a directory path once , instead of the script outputting a query everytime the action is executed. Something like the Rs5k or Reaverbate where once you specify a folder , it allows you to scan thru all the items in the folder unless instructed to change the folder.
For some reason , the script does not remember the last accessed folder.
So for eg the first time i run the script >script requests for the folder and by default it is showing say "G:\xx\yy" and i specify to access the folder "E:\aa\bb"
the next time launch the script it goes back to G:\xx\yy instead of remember E:\aa\bb

2.If it could import with the command use media for selected items(loop\stretch to fit)it would be better in the case scenario i am hoping for.

To get a folder path with a dialog box, try this:

function Get_Folder_Path() 
  retval, folder = reaper.JS_Dialog_BrowseForFolder( "Select your folder path", Folder_Path  )
  if retval == false then return end
  return folder .. "/"

Path = Get_Folder_Path()
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