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It's much faster if "SendMessage, 0x0111, 40409, 0,, ahk_id %MIDIWinId%" is replaced with "PostMessage, 0x0111, 40409, 0,, ahk_id %MIDIWinId%".
WinGet, MIDIWinId, id, ahk_class REAPERmidieditorwnd	; get MIDIwindowID
WinActivate, ahk_id %MIDIWinId%
PostMessage, 0x0111, 40409, 0,, ahk_id %MIDIWinId% ; Load note names from file
Sleep, 1000 ; delay before ControlSetText (more reliable)
ControlSetText, Edit1, %SelectedFile%, Load MIDI note names from file:	; %SelectedFile% contains full path and filename. Edit1 is filename box in "Load MIDI note names from file" -dialog.

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