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Default Reaper on an old Mac pro

Hello all, first post here. My wife and I are in the process shopping for a new house. One of the requirements will be room for a audio/video studio. To that effect, I have been acquiring various pieces of equipment for the studio. About two weeks ago I was doing some horse trading and ended up with a Mac Pro 2.1 with dual quad core 3.0Ghz Zeon processors and 16 GB of memory. It is running OSX Lion (and cannot be upgraded further)

Would I have any issues running Reaper on this computer? I'm also planning on getting one of the Behringer X32 mixers (probably either the Compact or Producer) that can be both the interface and control surface.

Reaper was recommended by some good fellows over at TalkBass.

So any tips and tricks provided would be much appreciated.
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