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Hi eugen,sorry for offtopic but you got something I really need for a long time. I've modified the script a little to act the way I need but:

How can I draw edit cursor here so it replicates the position from arrange?

I need this "Editing Guide" when editing tracks that are bellow or in the middle of the project and I cannot see the source track. The script needs to "Lock Waveform of selected track" so here is a little gif.

Lets say I've locked the first track "Kick" as GUIDE track, now that waveform stays in the script so I can see it as I edit another track. But I need edit cursor position also to be drawed so I know how much I need to offset the new edit. Hope this makes sence.

Now I only need to see edit cursor too in the script

In your script I only modified the start-end to be arrange window rather than time selection
sel_start, sel_end = reaper.BR_GetArrangeView(0)
I did not included or coded Lock track yet

Here is the mockup what I need :

Thank you very much!

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