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wow, I did not notice these posts. and many thanks about my mod version.

Originally Posted by EvilDragon
Zoom level should definitely be FIXED when changing the number of channels. I'd much rather have the window resize.
sorry, my very delayed reply.
I added option "IS_USE_AUTOFIT" in script header. this option may make useful your help. ( maybe..?

updated version :

Originally Posted by lb0
I found a bug in all the versions I looked at - Eugen/Kawa. The pin mapping works fine up to 32 chans then breaks on larger no of channels.
- but it's nice to have it working for all possibilities.
thank you for report! i got that behavior. and i agree 100%. if this will be work/support in > 32 chennels, it is very good things.
my mod version was already merged some mods, and my mod scripts is seems to be confusing ( in inner of source ).
as one of ways, i thought it may be better rewrite from zero.

i think i would like to use your script until someday i rewrite this matrix scripts.
thank you for your works!

(if my English is wrong or misreading , sorry my english skill is far away still
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