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Originally Posted by Lokasenna View Post
- Switching to Asc or Desc sorting is instant, but there's a half-second of lag switching back to Default. Not sure why, but my first guess would be that it's reading the file list again rather than storing Name + Most Recent Order in memory.
Yeah, currently the file list is read again. But this will be changed in a future update (in conjunction with another point) ...

- IMO the Default sort should be labelled Most Recent, and should have the most recent at the top - that would make it identical to the native launcher's list.
Good point about the naming.

- For bonus points, the sorting function could be split into two separate menu boxes - Recent/Alphabetical and Ascending/Descending.
I'll have a look at this.

- Noticed an issue with the caret being drawn outside the Filter box. That's a GUI bug; pushing a fix now.

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