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Originally Posted by Goldreap View Post
I guess this is a bug:
(No big deal, just informing).

Dragonfly loaded to a track...FX window is OPEN (and Dragonfly is not floating).
Drag Dragonfly from the list on the left to another Track (to copy it).
Dragonfly appears but with all the text blotched out (white colour).

Just remembered something that might vaguely narrow this down. Bear in mind that I'm using REAPER 64 bit and Dragonfly 64 bit, but I did experience a similar thing with a 32 bit plugin (Ambience by Magnus Jonnson) when I had REAPER's "Run as> Embed bridged UI" enabled. So I'm thinking with a vague sort of converse logic that Dragonfly is hanging on to a bit of 32 bit code or something? Then again, perhaps it's something to do with the time it takes for the spectrogram to load. But as I've said, it might be a thing my end?
Anyway (and again), this is not a problem for me...I'm just interested.
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