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Default know there has been a problem with win10 rearoute for sometime now,for me--last few months since windows has been updating..ok.
i think they (ms) have made some background audio changes.. :/ anywayzzzz:

here's what i currently get,or see,in reason's audio preferences:

*note the option is red x..which means this is a currently unavailable device driver...this is only recently stopped working correctly.. urg..
see active input+active output channels? well,they are you usual asio in+out =greyed out here (might show 32 in+32 out for me because of an interfacing used sometimes) =bad.
the control panel below is where is normally set the rearoute channels--this used to show me options *upto256 in+output channels* =nothing atmo. =broken>?

i had another peak into obs-- this also seems to be broken,or not being reconized currently-- which brings troubleshooting down to 2 things for me: rearoute or win10..anywayzzz.

seeing as rearoute appears on your system,there is also the rearoute.ini >found in reaper instal folder-which can be edited like so:

^which should** then show in reaper or other apps as being:

sorry m8,but as this rearouting all still looks to be non_functioning on this system currently-i cannot help any further than can think of right now..

i have a feeling it's a microsoft issue-more than rearoute.dll...

also worth noting*-unlimited track amount and unlimited input+output channels are not the same at all..
both reaper+reason seem to be fixed at 32 stereo channels> that's equal to 64 mono channels ..aiite!
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