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Originally Posted by lubvic View Post
Last question, is there a way to inhibit all other zones except the effect focused zone, so that those not used by FX paremeters goes dead?
I think this is confusing to have part of the controller dedicated for FXs and part for tracks...

Tell me if i'm pushing your patience to far. :-(
That's the purpose of the Action named "NoAction".

You attach a Widget that you don't want to map, but also don't want firing on the underlying Zone:

Zone SomeZone
        AButton Reaper 223456
        AnotherButton Reaper 33445
        AButtonThatDoesNothingButHidesTheButtonInTheZoneBelow NoAction
Originally Posted by lubvic View Post
Night of the living bugs for me
I noticed that ,if i use "Track GoZone Home", as written previously, when i open a new plugin UI Reaper crashes ;-)
Thanks fixed in the build posted below.
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