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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
If you're on Windows, click the Pages box and select A Page and see if you see everything, if so, known Windos behaviour, just use the workaround click.

You are using MCU mode right ?

If so, there is a set of files (.mst and .zon) for the FP16, just clone and modify for the FP8(s).

To get into MCU mode, hold down Select on Channels 1 & 2 on power up and select MCU not Logic.

As far as native mode (Studio One) we will support that down the road, but the architecture is just now shaping up, and there is only me...
I have already cloned and edited for the FP8. Both are working "fine" along side each other in Studio One mode.

I switched to MCU mode but now it's more tricky to get the FP16 working since it's technically 2 banks of 8 in MCU mode. Does this mean I have to set up 3 FP8 surfaces to replicate 24 tracks?

Can you clarify if I should expect the scribble to work or not? I am happy to test the CSI out but it's not usable in production without a working scribble strip. In the meantime, I moved my mixing to Studio One 4 since all the controllers I own work flawlessly.

Faderports still disconnect and don't reconnect when Reaper loses focus.

Workaround for Windows 10 gui doesn't help. I don't really understand what you mean though by "have everything". The page only shows "mixer controler panel" and use track coloring is ticked. The surface window is empty.
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