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Originally Posted by ramses View Post
Hi all!

I recently got the Softube Console 1, and was happily surprised to see that it's being worked on as an extended control surface in Reaper.

I'm wondering about the current state of integration, if it's worth it for me to begin looking into integrating it with non-Softube plugins at this point.

If it is, what resources can I turn to to start plodding around with this?

Thanks a lot for doing this, it's amazing work really!
Geoff (the brains behind CSI) has a C1 so he's got you covered. lol

Basically this will work with any Midi controller, the results may vary but for the most part you'll be a happy camper.

It's turn my Mackie C4 from a Jurassic brick, into a roaring dancing dinosaur, with bells and whistles.
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