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Originally Posted by Freex View Post
Geoff (the brains behind CSI) has a C1 so he's got you covered. lol

Basically this will work with any Midi controller, the results may vary but for the most part you'll be a happy camper.

It's turn my Mackie C4 from a Jurassic brick, into a roaring dancing dinosaur, with bells and whistles.
Great! Thanks guys.

So. How does it all work then? Any pointers? A couple of (possibly stupid) questions:

1. It's not a matter of actual integration right? So I can't use, for example, the "native" Softube ssl4k channel strip together with any compressor of my choice, right? I have to choose to work either with softubes internal stuff or dedicate the controller to other plugins?

2. Is it possible to have the console 1 control several plugins at once, so that I could build a "channel strip" of my own, say one saturator, one eq, one compressor, and so on?
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