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Default Amazing work

Amazing work! This script makes me see RS5K in a new light!

There's a couple features I'd love to see added:

It would be really useful to be able to select more than one pad at a time

It would be great to be able to define a group of pads (ideally by lasso selection), and have any pad played within that group send a note-off to all other pads in that group; this would be really useful for sliced samples, where you want each slice to play full length (ignoring note-offs) until another slice is played, causing the first to get cut off. This would also be an easy way to set up a hihat choke

When running the "Export selected items to RS5K instances on slected track" script it would be great to be able to define the note base with MIDI input in addition to typing in the note number (i.e. hit a pad or key on a midi controller)

Finally, it would be really convenient to be able to use a pad or key on a MIDI controller to select its corresponding pad in the manager, and/or float it's associated RS5k instance. Possibly with a modifier+MIDI input?

Thank you in advance!
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