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Originally Posted by Ozman View Post
Actually, I think that having Pitch Detection algos in RS5K would be a great request for Reaper 6 or so.
When sampling for chromatic playing, pitch detection is pretty much a requirement.
A shame that most samplers do not even mess with that aspect of sampling.
They can simply allow the user to select the algorithm (and audition them),
much like one would do for choosing Timestretch algorithms.
Also, maybe, based on the transients, peaks, noise, and general spectral data,
RS5K could automatically choose a suggested pitch detection mode.

And for drum samples, Sitala's approach, dragging the tallest peak left and right,
is probably the best I've seen for drum sampling.
Maybe if one day Reaper does add pitch detection modes to RS5K,
maybe RS5K Manager can be allowed to force a default pitch detection (peak based) pitch detection mode.

There's so much that can be done in Reaper regarding sampling.
Hopefully, someday, it becomes a dev priority.
Is that all somehow up to me? I can`t do anything with REAPER build-in sampler. All I can is just a front-end around existing features.

I can make a script to "fix" pitch offset of corresponding RS5k focused instance sample to have C3 as base note. Or have proper base note shifted respectively. But it is a stupid waste of time, because it is an awful workflow implementation (as RS5k manager is and RS5k in some cases specifically), wouldn`t be rewarded btw - I will just spend my time for the thing noone will use.
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