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Originally Posted by Abriel View Post
Please look at the images.

Pic#1 is the original attempt at sidechain as taught. It didn't work. Instead, when track #1 plays so does Track #2 except Track #2 is also hitting the notes Track #1 is hitting.

Pic#2; I froze the 2nd Track and kept the sidechain features. It works.

Why does sidechain work on the track with the .wav but not the track when it's piano roll input?

The send is the same and so is the ReaComp.
difficult to see what you are trying to do, i think you need to use a picture hosting site & upload bigger images, but one thing people often overlook when using sends is that the default sends both audio & MIDI, maybe this isn't what you want & you need to switch off the MIDI in the send?
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