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I got my presonus faderport and installed the driver and have everything pretty much working the way I want.

However, the default for the footswitch was play instead of record.

I went to the actions menu and tried getting it to listen to the midi event but it never saw it. Any idea why?

So instead of doing that, I went into the ini file to change the footswitch default to record but I couldn't find the record action id anywhere. I ended up finding it in a google search and once I input it into the footswitch value in the ini file and restarted reaper it worked. Where is the complete list of action ids? One google search said it's at the right side of the list box in the define actions dialog but it wasn't there for me.

I notice the device gets some power from USB, anyone know if it can be used in some capacity without the power cord connected? Didn't seem to in reaper.

Also, can reaper be coerced into re-reading the ini file without having to restart?
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