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Default v5.964 - December 18 2018

v5.964 - December 18 2018
  • + Arrange: improve vertical scroll behavior on undo, showing/hiding envelopes en masse
  • + Audio Units: do not show parameters that are not automatable
  • + Audio Units: AU v3 support
  • + Audio Units: track parameter IDs across sessions for envelopes/track controls/etc
  • + Automation: do not apply envelope trim value to new envelopes when envelopes are bypassed outside of automation items
  • + Automation: prevent alt+drag and certain undos from leaving stale envelope panels open [t=192424]
  • + Automation: always reset automation-item related options when loading old (pre-automation item) projects
  • + Automation: fix undo state point adding for actions that show/hide all envelopes
  • + Batch converter: improve updating of output filenames when changing output configuration
  • + Comps: include item mute state in addition to active take
  • + FX: improve performance of ReaPlugs on x86_64
  • + Grid: fix drawing glitches while continuous scrolling
  • + JSFX: improve spectrograph/spectrogram preset log scaling
  • + JSFX: avoid sometimes setting the 'srate' variable to 0 when plug-in is bypassed [t=214716]
  • + JSFX: fix gfx_drawstr() bug with centered mode and bitmapped font [t=214765]
  • + JSFX: improve compilation speed of JSFX (2x-10x speedup observed for larger FX)
  • + JSFX: improve denormal prevention (for ReEQ and others)
  • + JSFX: optimize UI performance for scripts with many regular UI elements visible
  • + JSFX: reduce per-instance processing overhead
  • + JSFX: use FTZ mode on armv7l
  • + Linux: fix excessive video window updates when video stopped
  • + MIDI Learn: optionally only respond to learn while effect configuration is visible
  • + MIDI Editor: fix ruler theme font issues
  • + MIDI Editor: select-all only selects notes within the editable part of a trimmed media item
  • + MIDI Editor: fix event position filter [t=213126]
  • + MP3 decoder: show source file channel mode in source properties
  • + MP3 encoder: fix gain issue (encoder was incorrectly attenuating signal by 0.0002dB)
  • + MP3 encoder: make encoder quality settings consistent with those of command line lame_enc
  • + MusicXML: support import of non-ASCII filenames
  • + Performance meter: reset RT underrun count/etc when resetting graph via action
  • + Preferences: do not search for hidden items on macOS/Linux
  • + Preferences: do not show option for 'show last undo in menubar' on macOS [t=214178]
  • + Project bay: fix take-selection issues when removing source media from project
  • + ReaEQ: update band controls for screen readers [t=213889]
  • + ReaScript: IDE add duplicate selected text or current line via Ctrl+D/Cmd+D
  • + ReaScript: fix GetSetMediaTrackInfo() for some values on tracks in inactive projects
  • + ReaScript: fix gfx_drawstr()/gfx.drawstr() bug with centered mode and bitmapped font [t=214765]
  • + ReaScript: improve compilation speed of large EEL scripts
  • + ReaScript: optimize calling of extension-defined functions
  • + ReaScript: remove limit on size of data returned by GetTrackMIDILyrics()
  • + ReaScript: support larger string sizes for extension-defined functions
  • + Recording: respect "tape mode" recording option when auto-punch selected items record mode is enabled
  • + Render: auto-saved RPP files when processing render queue rather than when adding to render queue
  • + Render: add $bitdepth wildcard
  • + Render: allow resizing file overwrite warning window
  • + Render: do not auto-save project when using the 'Save and close' button
  • + Render: do not prompt for overwrite/missing regions when using 'Save and close' button [p=2059839]
  • + Render: support up to 10,000 alternate filenames
  • + Render: render wildcards can have character substitions (see built-in help)
  • + Takes: improve behavior of next/previous take actions with multiple items selected
  • + Takes: improve display vs selection of empty takes
  • + Theme: fix redraw of various windows on theme changes
  • + Theme: add filter field to theme tweaker to allow searching elements
  • + Timecode synchronization: options to re-sync to timecode while recording
  • + VST: knob mode changing support for VST3 [t=209071]
  • + Video: add Gaussian Blur
  • + Video: fix ffmpeg encoder leak
  • + Video: fix switching between different display renderers on Windows (DirectShow/generic output)
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