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Default record MIDI and VST audio output simultaneously?

I'm currently simultaneously recording incoming MIDI and VST audio output. But, I'm not sure if my setup is ideal. I'd welcome advice. I have identical MIDI coming into two tracks. One simply records the MIDI. The other track has a VST and records the output. I positioned the audio track as a subtrack of the MIDI track (folder), so I see a faint audio waveform behind the MIDI data and keep the subtrack hidden (folded closed). Conversely, I've hidden all the MIDI tracks in the mixer at the bottom of the screen since I cannot think why I would change the audio levels for MIDI.

There are some advantages of this setup: (1) I understand it. (2) it is easy to fold/close/hide things I don't need to see.

There are some disadvantages of this setup: (1) I need twice as many tracks. Ten instruments will require twenty tracks, which seems cumbersome. (2) if I want to change the VST, I need to unhide the audio subtrack and click on the "FX" button, it is not immediately available. (3) the black MIDI data and gray audio waveform could be differentiated more and could provide more visual information (maybe use color to show MIDI velocity?)

Please feel free to comment or advise.

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