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Originally Posted by d.vyd View Post
>>>I can record either the MIDI or the VSTi output (or both),

Can you actually record both MIDI and VST in the same track at the same time?
No, I don't think so.

To be clear, I have two tracks:

VSTI (Parent)
-> MIDI (Child)

I can arm either (or both) of the tracks for recording. If I arm only the MIDI track, only the MIDI is recorded, but I still hear the audio from the VSTi because the MIDI is sent from the child track to the parent track.

If I arm them both, then I can record both the MIDI and VSTi output in one pass (but on separate tracks).

As mentioned above, I like this because I can easily add more child tracks to record more MIDI, and mute the ones I don't want:

VSTI (Parent)
-> MIDI (Child) [mute]
-> MIDI (Child) [mute]
-> MIDI (Child)

PS -- This is just my preferred method. Someone else may come along with a suggestion that you like better. I could use multiple MIDI items/takes on the same track, but I find it easier to use multiple tracks (just a personal preference).
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