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An option for muting each of the newly recorded AIs on each loop would be useful for now until we hopefully get takes.

Also, It would be inline with reaper and amazing if AIs followed the recording options we have for normal Midi/Audio items. It would be what people expect too.

I know not all of these modes can work yet as we don't have takes for automation but the time selection one would work for now and be what you have in some of the more expensive DAWs out there. It's one of the missing bits in what is nearly a fully fledged system for automation now.

Originally Posted by schwa View Post
It's not currently possible, when using automation item only mode.

We could handle this a couple of different ways:

- If automation items are selected on armed envelopes, write automation into them; otherwise create new automation items.

- Add an automation item autopunch mode. I am somewhat reluctant to do this just because there is already an explosion of options related to automation items.
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