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Originally Posted by nofish View Post
Currently we can do this:

Putting ME in a docker, setting opacity of docker less than 100%, sync timebase to arrange view)

(I know, not the same as this FR, just maybe a workaround for now.)
Yeah, this looked like a good idea. Unfortunately it doesn't really work, unless you manage to adjust all of the MIDI events in one sitting. Reaper doesn't save the position of the floating docker so the overlay on the audio does not stay the same between sessions.

I realize this now, having adjusted two thirds of the MIDI events in two settings, now when open up to do the last third of them, I realize that if I move the docker to align the first third of the items to the audio, the second third does not align, and the other way around.

Reaper does not open the project in the exact same state that it was saved. The ME comes up closed, the visible audio item is not the one that was visible when the project was saved, and opening the ME opens it in the docker attached to the main window. Even the opacity of the docker is not saved. All of those settings I expected to be restored to what they were when the project was last saved, but not so.

So... devs, please give us faint peaks in the ME.
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