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I am updating my VST plugin framework/library, and currently I'm experimenting with adding support for various extensions to the VST (2.4) specs.
Reaper asks me (effCanDo) if my plugin "hasCockosNoScrollUI", but I can't find any info about this..
"hasCockosExtensions" is documentet here, but nothing about "hasCockosNoScrollUI"
Best to ignore that one, it's used internally (returning 0xbeef0000 will disable scrollbars and possibly mess with some other stuff).

Update: in Linux, Reaper also asks for "hasCockosViewAsConfig", which (according to the vst extension link above) means: "When loading a VST plug-in on OS X, REAPER asks the plug-in if it would like to use Cocoa for its UI." .. What does that mean for Linux?
For Linux it (0xbeef0000) means that the plug-in uses for its UI, and effEditOpen receives a libSwell HWND rather than an X window ID.
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