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Originally Posted by solger View Post
These Mouse Modifier Actions aren't toggeable themselves.
Quite I can confirm that now, yeah.

Originally Posted by solger View Post
You need to basically use two Actions in order to switch between them:
Great, I suspected it, just I was in the wrong making. I will try your directions right now. Cool.

Originally Posted by solger View Post
In general for making toggle Actions have a look at using SWS Cycle Actions:
Which then would look something like this:
Thanks for all of your info Solger, is gold to me! I just checked a post talking about the Cycle Actions, I didn't know. Despite my experience in DAWs I see Reaper is a different beast, with a curve not so easy at first, and although I like to follow manual in a logical order, I think it's important don't be afraid to move forward occasionally in search of information and back fed with useful data.
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