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Very cool james !
I put this snippet on ReaTeam template repo:
ReaScripts-Templates/JamesHE_Parse file lines into string.jsfx at master ReaTeam/ReaScripts-Templates
I'm sure other script may find it useful.

what a hard challenge it can be to translate what the jsfx help is telling you
Indeed, it is usually where I am stuck haha :P
If you need anything else, let me know.
Thanks for you offer
if you are ok and this is not too much to ask (you already made a lot with your function), making a complete functional demo script it could be very helpful

Like having a the script looking for files from a slider in the a Data subfolder (or in project folder, if this is possible - I didn't find how), and a way to call/debug one particular line, and optionally to make a pattern search like if each lines is a two column CSV.
For the absolute beginner, all details can matter, like where to declare the function within the script, where to call it, how to name the file in the call (does it require to put the .txt extension or not)...

Are you in ? :P
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