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thank you very much for your comments.

I have just some time and i want to tell you some things about the development of this theme. Perhaps for some people here (theming beginners) it might be helpful.
Warning!!! My english is not very good... so if you don`t understand what i have written... at least i hope you have something to laugh about.

There is a layout in the theme called "Dual Knob" with a text (description) next to the pan&width knobs.
Right from the start on working on this theme i wanted a function that represent the different pan-modes in a (for me) logical way... with still both knobs visible.
For example - dual pan - shows left&right; - stereo pan - shows widht&pan.

I already have tried something similar in the Apollo theme with a small LED.

I thought about it back and forth and could not find a solution. I wrote witti what i am trying to do and some days later he sent me the complete layout exactly how i wanted it to be.
You can`t implement the behavior with "normal" walter-code... witti misused the rec.input button for this.
(There are more of these little things where you can realize a function that would otherwise not be possible when you use walter-code in different ways.)

In combination with the pan&width label i think it is now a little bit clearer which pan-mode is in use.
Although when I think about it, in default pan-mode it would be even better when the width text stripe would be empty or shows a "--".

One other thing that delayed finishing the theme was "minimum height of mcp"... because min-height is not the real min-height. :-)
One day i accidentally reduced the window size of reaper and saw that the mcp layouts were all messed up at this height... so back to walter and rework the code. (time consuming)
Remember such things when you create a theme.

These are some (there are much more :-)) of the things/problems that happen when you create a theme and i think everyone who designed one can tell a story about that.

P.S: This time i wanted to write a little more than my usual just one sentence.

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